Hello and welcome to Paintbrush Print Company. Modern hand printed souvenirs with just the right amount of class & kitsch.                                                 

My name is Emily and you have found my little souvenir shop. Thank you for stopping by!

I am a city planner and historic preservationist with a creative side. All I do is think about places -- how to save them, how to make them better, how to get lost in them, how to make people care more about them. My favorite thing is experiencing a place for the first time.

I'm originally from a very small tourist town in northern Wyoming, but I have lived in Texas for ten+ years. I am obsessed with mid-century roadside architecture and the iconography of the west: motels, neon signs, dive bars, tourist traps. It has a lot to do with their escapist and exotic qualities. I used to care more about documenting their accurate historical facts and conditions, but now I mostly care about how they make people feel, or the emotional connection that they create.

I started screen printing after a trip to a vintage store in Tucson, AZ, five years ago. I found Harwood Steiger fabrics for the first time. Steiger is known for his tone on tone printing inspired by the desert southwest. I was really taken with the simplicity of his designs and how he captured the essence of a place in pieces that tourists could take with them. 

I think when you buy "a souvenir" you are bottling up the way a special place and time made you feel so you can take it home with you. Then every time you look at it, you are transported back there. I've heard people say, you should live life like every day is a vacation day. It's just not possible -- I have tried! Vacations are entirely about escape and adventure, and the excitement from disrupting routine. You cannot experience the pleasure of discovery if you do not spend days looking at the same thing.

I love the retro designs of postcards, glassware, travel brochures and maps. I collect all types of vintage travel items. I like to print things inspired by that tradition, but that also feel modern and high quality. I hope that they make people smile and remind them of something special. Everything in my shop is designed and hand printed by me in Amarillo, Texas. Depending on the time of year, I will do custom work, wholesale and special orders. Please feel free to reach out!

Happy Trails,

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