Hello and welcome to Paintbrush Print Company

Paintbrush Print Company is a small design business featuring the custom work of me, Emily, along with vintage finds and travel goods. I make modern souvenirs to celebrate the places people love and I'm inspired by retro design and vintage travel imagery from the West.

I don’t have any formal training in art or graphic design. This venture is for fun, community-building, and a way for me to create a space where I'm immersed in what inspires me. I’m actually an urban planner and preservationist with a wide range of interests including saving old buildings, falling in love with small towns, country music, neon signs, roadside motels, dive bars, postcards, public art, and vintage style.

I taught myself to screen print while living in Austin after randomly discovering Harwood Steiger fabric in a vintage store in Tucson. I loved the simple tone on tone printing and how he and his wife captured the desert in a way people could take home so easily. I started making Wyoming souvenirs (where I grew up) because, at the time, I thought everything was so lame. Not long after, I moved to Elgin, Texas, and fell in with the right crowd - a wonderful creative community of makers, artists, yogis, downtowners, farmers and more. I started doing local designs and selling them first at the huge, annual Hogeye Festival. I met my yoga teacher and small business mentor under the tent at Hogeye. For several years we did a number of yoga, Elgin, and Texas related tees and tanks which we sold together through her yoga studio, Body + Shine Wellness. The studio, by the way, is the BEST small town yoga in Texas.

I’m also a bit of a wandering spirit, moving from West to Southwest to Midwest to Texas (where I’ve been for 12+ years) mostly to build my career, but also to meet cowboys. I did manage to snag a very handsome singing one in Austin who continues to put up with me. 

As a planner, I am obsessed with places and experiencing the energy of the undiscovered. My absolute favorite thing is a good weekend road trip. I hope one day to restore a motel or inn and create the full magical experience for my guests, souvenir shop and all. For now, I sell online and locally in Amarillo at The Nat and From 6th Collective. Other TX shops carry things at different times of the year including The Daytripper’s Headquarters in Georgetown and Body + Shine Wellness in Elgin.

I print most things myself and use water-based inks and a simple press. Depending on the time of year, I will do custom work, wholesale, and special orders.

Thank you for your support!
Happy Trails,

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